What could you possibly do with a degree in philosophy and one in engineering? Open a label company, of course.
Etic.a is the end of the road after a long journey, started back in the ’80s.
Patrizia, during her studies in philosophy, was an official supplier for Bizerba with her family’s firm and Bizerba is one of the Mondial leader in weighing systems for the commerce.
Gianni, after his engineering studies, was operating in the Information Technology field, becoming an expert of integration systems.
During the ’90s these very different fields joined their skills to satisfy a new and more specific market demand: supplying weighing system in the production process.
The proof of this successful mix is a long lasting, successful, cooperation with the Mondial leader Mattler Toledo.
Meanwhile the clients kept on asking not only systems, but also materials. Adhesive labels for different use, and also packaging.
At the end of 2008, pushed by their clients’ requests, our story’s protagonists decided to start the Etic.a project.
On July the 5th, 2009, the first self-adhesive labels were made by the then new Pomezia’s site.


Etic.a quickly established itself in the National and International market for the production of self- adhesive labels, founding its development on:

  • Quality
  • Service
  • Competivity

In order to obtain these results, the firm constantly invests in the newest technologies, and in the training of his workers.
Etic.a is for a high-profiled target, that aims for the excellence of the final product. To them, Etic.a is a great partner, long lasting and reliable.
Here at Etic.a we do our best to meet our clients’ demand, and to reduce our delivery times. Thanks to our coworkers, to our processes’ flexibility, and to our print technologies we are able to supply companies both national and international.
We commit every day to offer you the excellence, since we know better that a product’s quality starts from its label.


Our mission is to supply our clients with an excellent product, at the best price possible. That’s why here at Etic.a we keep on updating our technologies and develop our workers’ professionalism.We develop a fair environment for our workers to feel included and professional. We believe our firm’s development depends on how satisfied our workers feel.

We are responsible towards our suppliers and partners, to whom we offer the possibility to obtain a fair profit.
The awareness to be part of a social system, which we participate with our production and sustainability, guides us to value our decisions and responsibilities.

These are the reasons why we decided to call our company Etic.a, which means “ethic” in Italian.