Privacy Policy

Dear user, we want to inform you about the European Union Regulation 2016/679, regarding data protection. Etic.a srl, in quality of « owner » of this data policy, as written in the art. 13 of the EU Regulation, gives you the following information:

  • DATA CATEGORIES: Etic.a srl will treat the personal data that will be inserted in the form (such as: personal data, ID card, telephone number, e-mail address, ip address, etc…)
  • PERSONAL DATA SOURCES: personal data that a srl will receive are collected by the person after he or she compiles the form in the Contacts page.
  • a srl is the policy’s owner, and is placed in via Groenlandia, 13 – 00071 Pomezia (Rome), reachable via e-mail through the form in the Contacts page.
  • The policy, collection and filling of your data, is based upon your consent, and it’s made for the following reason: answer to your e-mails. The data is treated in a legitimate way and with the maximum confidentiality, in the respect of the security measures, as predicted by the Code and the Regulation.
  • DATA ADDRESSEE: in the respect of the indicated policy finalities, your data could be transmitted to partners, consultation societies, private companies, nominated responsibly by the Policy Owner. Your data will never be, in any case, propagated. The responsibilities of the policy are always indicated in the Privacy Document and periodically updated.
  • TRANSFER OF THE DATA ABOARD: the collected data will never be transferred aboard.
  • DATA’S CONSERVATION: the data’s managment and conservation will occur on the servers inside the EU of the Owner and/or other societies indicated and nominated as Responsible of the policy. Currently the servers are on a Srl. The data will not be transferred outside the EU.
  • PERIOD OF CONSERVATION: The collected data will be conserved for a time not longer than the achivement of the finalities for which they are treated (« limitation principle of the conservation», art. 5 of the Regulation), or until the due date, as written in the laws normatives. The verification on the obsolescence of the data, in relation of the finalities for which they have been collected, is made periodically.
  • CLIENT’S RIGHTS : The client can ask, any time, to the Owner, access to their data, the change or deletion of the data, limitations of the policy or the possibility to oppose to the policy, he can also ask about the portability of the data, he can withdraw the approval to the policy, through a simple communication to the Owner.
    The client can also suggest complain to a control authority.
  • The client can esercitate the quoted rights any time, sending a recorded-delivery to Etic.a Srl, via Groenlandia 13, 00071 Pomezia (Rome), or an e-mail to : or a PEC to
  • POSSIBLE COMPULSORY OF THE DATA PROVISION: We inform you that the provision of the data is, in some parts, discretionary, and in other parts (signed with a star) necessary, otherwise the font will not be sent.
  • COMPULSORINESS OF THE CONSENT : The performance of the consent to the policy is optional, but is necessary to proceed with the delivery of the form.
  • PROCEDURE TO THE DATA’S POLICY : The personal data you will produce, will be object of policy operations in the total respect of the quoted regulations and of the confidentiality obligations of the Owner. The data will be treated by both computer technology and paper documents, and with other supports when possible, in the respect of techniques and security measures, as in the quoted Regulation.