Sustainability is not just a label

Many people confuse the question of sustainability with a superficial concern for the environment. But it is much more than this for us at etic.a. We as a company are committed to developing a circular economy system that is sustainable for the environment and for the community, in order to create a better future for everyone. For us at etic.a, it is not just a name, it is a promise to be kept.

Our sustainable agenda We at etic.a are willing to address the global challenges mentioned in the UN's 2030 Agenda. And we have selected some priority goals to pursue in our day-to-day activity, pinpointing those aspects that need to be improved and finetuning the strengths we already possess. These choices, and the investments made, take into account ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) criteria, and are proof that sustainable development is possible.

Impactful labels that do not impact the environment We study new production solutions to maintain the quality of our products while eliminating their carbon footprint. We use LED technology drying (YouTube link: Full shift to zero emission LED drying systems with GEW), replacing traditional bulbs to speed up the process, consume less power and eliminate emissions. This is the sort of innovation we love: useful, simple, sustainable. In a word: ethical.

Our energy for everyone's environment We cover a large percentage of our energy needs with a state-of-the-art 100 kWp photovoltaic plant. Clean energy should not be a future dream, rather a present-day commitment.

A circular model with people at its heart Rights, opportunities and fairness for all. We invest in the recruitment and training of youngsters, champion gender equality and seek to turn the workplace into a stimulating setting. If our employees are in a happy place, we are certain to excel as a company.

We inform our customers and work to grow together We try to get our customers to join programmes for retrieving and recycling bin liners. Sustainable waste management is not just a way of protecting the environment, it also offers an economic edge for businesses.

Transparency and reliability, towards the Social Responsibility Report Sociale Our sustainability commitment is not just an empty business slogan. We at etic.a continue to seek the certification of our business activities with leading international certifying bodies, in order to provide our customers with concrete verification tools. etic.a's sustainability efforts are certified by: PDR 125 for gender equality, ISO 14.000 for environmental management and ECOVADIS for corporate social responsibility. We will soon have a Social Responsibility Report: we believe that transparency forms the basis for every human and professional relationship.

1.691Equivalent trees planted 1.691

Equivalent trees planted

49,30Tons of Co2 avoided in the environment 49,30

Tons of Co2 avoided in the environment

163,83 MWhOf energy <br>produced 163,83 MWh

Of energy


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